The Woman in Red

In the times of ongoing war and growing hate

Flowing insults and heated debate

Hopelessness and despair were spread all throughout

A place of sorrow filled with doubt


Times were tough no end was seen

Until what unraveled was this bizarre scene

At the ballroom in the midst of all the fights

Where a single lone woman danced away the nights


In the distance, gunfire was heard with its mighty crack

Yet seemingly forever she danced without looking back

To the ongoing chaos which occurred just outside the door

The strangest of tales, hidden folktale and lore


Her attire was of the most marvelous red

Crafted of the finest silk and flashy thread

Never a partner did she ever take

Only herself to this sleeping sanctuary to awake


Where dust collected upon the faded boards

An ancient device played a series of old records

For every night it would hum its crackly tunes

Giving the woman the beat she needed to dance in those ruins


And for days on end no one discovered her secret place

She slumbered in the day, and at night prepared for her daring race

Her courageous attempts to sneak past the watchful guards

Searching for intruders to trespass into the palace yards


Over the palace walls she did climb

To reach the one place where she could escape her mind

Where she could let the world fade to the flute’s whisper of the softest air

Or perhaps the proud, majestic piece of a complete trumpet fanfare


With each passing day, the violence grew tense

And the dark soldiers gradually came with a new plan to commence

The harshest of rules were laid down to the town’s men

To enter the war and surrender their beloved wives and children


The woman was saddened by this sudden change in law

Yet still she continued to go to her place over the crackling wall

Only more gracefully did she go there to dance

Stolen away from reality in her overtaking solid trance


For months on end the husbands were forced to obey

They went out half-heartedly to send their loved ones away

Then they would travel to their new lives straight on the battlefield

And before the devil of war they begrudgingly kneeled


As the town emptied and was eventually torn apart

The young woman was left with nothing but the pain of a broken heart

Her home had been demolished in just a matter of weeks

And so to the ballroom she moved, tears trickling upon her cheeks


However she could not remain there for it was set for a date

In which it too would be torn down as a result of the world’s hate

But even with this fact, she fled there for one last song

To do something that felt right, even in the midst of the wrong


For the longest time ever, she waltzed in that ballroom

While just outside rested the audible voices of her coming doom

And just when the final melody was drawing to a close

An ear piercing shattering fell from all the surrounding windows


The soldiers had finally come to discover her secret hideout

And soon a series of commands many of them did shout

But the woman paid no attention, never gave them a single glance

She only pressed on, determined to finish her last dance


And so this harmless action only came to seal her fate

For never the ending of the song did the men care to wait

The guns were fired upon her and she exhaled her last breath

Thus marked the time of the Woman in Red’s death


Although a tragic tale this story may seem

Afterwards something miraculous occurred like a dream

For although she was never able to finish her last song

Somewhere in the distance the Woman’s spirit lived on


As the war raged on and began to spread across the plains

The stolen away women had begun to feel something stir within their veins

A burning passion growing deeply from each and everyone’s heart

Until some could no longer take it and delved for a new start


A series of strange sightings unraveled before the men’s eyes

They were at first stunned and speechless but proceeded with their angered cries

But for each and every protest and rebellion they would try desperately to end

The quantity of the Woman in Red’s followers would only just expand


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