Deadly Words



My name is Alia Grey

“A new beginning, an old end”

I am sixteen years old; I was born in New York

“A pride, a purpose we must defend”

I recite poetry around the world for a living, I’m a poet

“Our life’s purpose, we should cherish it well”

I’ve been in this program since I was eleven

“No matter the situation, or if life itself is Hell”

My parents died in a car crash several months after I joined this program

“Life has its downsides, fates and destinies of doom and demise”

My manager, Henry Johns, took me in after the unfortunate accident

“And hatred may blind you with truth, reality, tears, and lies”

My life has been run by this man’s devious self and greed

“Will it be too much to take in? Too much to possibly bear?”

Later down the road, a hooded figure makes it clear to me

“Try to deny it, avoid it, for these things may appear rare, but surely…”

Deadly Words will always be there.


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