To My Fighters

Thank you so much for visiting this site. Just the fact that you decided to glimpse this stranger’s works fills me with happiness.  I’d just like you to at least read this post, and I will be sure to submit more discussions and offer you all the support I can in my “Fighting the War of the Mind” page.  I admire each and every single one of you and I hope you know how difficult this battle can be.  And I hope you realize just how amazing you are for making it through each and everyday just by getting up out of bed and going through the day.  You may have hit bumps but you know what? You are the soldiers in my eyes.  You are special in every way imaginable.  It takes true strength to get through this.  You people are wonderful and if you think no one agrees, read this post again and again because even if you feel like this is the only person who cares, you are NOT alone. Visit this daily and I’ll be sure to remind you of how important your existence is and how precious a life can be.


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