Before You Read…

I should have you know what exactly it is you’re finding yourself about to read.
Basically this story project has a very dark, symbolic plot. It will be very gruesome at times and is NOT recommended for young ones. This story is mainly intended for those suffering from depression, however it also serves as a source of understanding for those not diagnosed with this horrible condition. I’d like to inform my viewers that I have had personal experience with depression/anxiety, so the fictional characters and creatures in this horror/fantasy genre will fall under my own imagination based on experience. This could be triggering in some cases to some readers (this is not my intention) but if you decide to continue anyways, I highly suggest you finish all there is left to post. Rest assure, this is going to be a story intended for therapeutic purposes, informative, and praising for anyone.  Take notice that this is truly a project and I hope to eventually finish this with a large audience. I pray you all enjoy this and please take no offense in anything I am to post. If you have anything against what I have to say, please be respectful and refrain from saying anything offensive.  If this does not suite your tastes, then I suggest to move along to something else. Thank you and take a moment to admire all out there who are fighters and are striving to win the war of the mind.


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