Kawaii (and Pokemon)

cutepokeI literally cried at how cute this picture was. (Huge Poke nerd) For the win.

images (1) Foxes, I’m quite sure, don’t normally say AH HEE YA HEE YA HUEY. Real tired of that YouTube video…

imagesI like really want one of these. Like seriously. Why don’t they even exist. (Yet?)…. Life would be so much more interesting but NO we have Dogs and stuff. OH MY GOSH. THAT ACTUALLY LOOKED REALLY MEAN WHEN I TYPED THAT. I like dog. I mean look at dat face :3 I mean faces…

download (2)

download (1)Pokemon rampage>:D =DOMINATION

chibi_raichu__d_by_sageater-d5r7df0Boom. Cute.

5143265_460s_largeBoom. Boom. Adorable. *dies from overexposure to pure awesomeness of cuteness* *ashamed at horrible description* Yes. I still wish badly to be writer. GAH SO TIRED.


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