Dearest one
Set me free
Away from this dark
Festering place
Known as reality
Pray to the heavens
Sink to your knees
Drowned out by my tears
Of desperate pleas

Scars of the past
Be a dear and heal
Make my foolish fears and hates
Appear to be unreal
Dancing lights
Chase away the black
Which penetrates my own soul
And prepares for attack

Rain come and clean
Me of my guilt
This dusty old road
I have seemed to built
Demolish it
Break it to the very core
Let there be no bloodshed
No unnecessary means of war

Purest of angels
Take me if you must
Away from this world
Made of darkness
And lust
Take me to the heavens
Where I may be at peace
And perhaps all the madness I am dealing with will finally be able to cease


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