Won’t you please sing to me darling?
The lullaby of the night,
Won’t you chase away the nightmares?
Will you call for heaven’s light?
May you allow for snowy fields,
And ashy sorrows to fade to dust
Can you listen to those beloved teardrops?
Beating ripples into machinery rust?

Do the angels hear her weeping?
Are the demons awaiting her wail?
Will mother nature’s nursery clash,
With humanity’s vicious tale?
Can we ever find a way?
A way to listen and submit?
Shall we put away our ravenous souls
And presumptuous minds of wit?

Peace and serenity await our grasp,
Redemption and revival compel us to success,
Death and life exist only to strike us-
With a taste of fear and desirable experience
Whether it begins with a sad story,
Or starts in a heat of rage,
Stories are being written,
You need only to turn the page


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